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Letter to the editor
Republicans can succeed
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Forsyth County News

In order for the Republican Party to succeed nationally, we need to embrace the following principles:

1. Americans want and deserve a vision.  Republicans must focus on measurable goals. We cannot simply say we want to shrink government or create jobs; we need to establish hard, measurable criteria as policy goals. We then not only have a standard for ourselves, but a positive outcome we can argue liberal policies hinder.

2. Commit to the Party. Infighting will prevent election victories. Families do not agree on everything, but they stay together because they share an ideology, have a common goal, and are committed to each other.

3. Social issues matter. A popular idea circulating in Republican circles is that we have to abandon social issues and focus solely on economics. However, the majority of federal spending is on social issues. Medicare, welfare, and now mandatory contraception and abortion coverage are where nearly 70 percent of the federal budget is spent. We spend billions of dollars every year to care for the poor, which have been placed in that situation because of the breakdown of the traditional family.  We are all paying for the effects of bad social policy, so how are these things none of our business?  

4. Centralized campaign messaging and strategy. We are at war, ideologically.  Wars are not won by rogue units fighting without a common strategy. The Party must embrace centralized messaging and campaigning, and stick to the plan with military-like precision and dedication.  

5. People want to know we care about them as individuals.  People are not platitudes or philosophical abstracts.  Every policy has an effect on a family, every dollar spent by the government is a dollar taken from someone. We have to communicate how each action of the government affects individuals for them to take an interest and join our cause.

6. This is as much a spiritual battle as it is political. Atheists and those opposed to religion almost universally embrace socialism. Liberals argue against moral restraint, but when they notice the consequences of removing it, they immediately demand more government control. Freedom will not survive where it is not held in check by religion and morality.

By providing Americans measurable policy objectives, communicating how those policies affect them as individuals, setting high moral standards, and working together, the Republican Party can be a strong, national party once more.

Ethan Underwood

Past chairman, Forsyth Republican Party