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Letter to the editor
Aquatic Center should change food policy
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Forsyth County News

Since its opening, my family of four has enjoyed the outdoor leisure pool at the Cumming Aquatic Center. We’ve made a tradition of bringing in our own lunch and/or dinner to enhance our experience.

Recently, with no public input, the Aquatic Center and the parks and recreation department made the decision to not allow paying customers to bring in any more homemade food. And just in case you think it’s a public health issue, let me please mention that a new concession stand is open at the outdoor pool ready to make more money off of the residents of Forsyth County who have already paid to enter the facility.

In discussions with management, they continue to push the concession stand as an option but it’s simply not one my family can afford.  I have no problem with a concession stand being offered but why punish others in the process? I see no connection besides money, money and money. During the day when I’m working, does the staff really expect my wife to take our two small girls into our hot van to eat with temperatures in the mid-90s?

It seems as though the Aquatic Center and parks and rec staff have forgotten that this facility was only built because of a tax that we, the voters, approved. Ultimately, these individuals behind the decision work for us and it’s time that we make our voices heard. I encourage you to contact the Aquatic Center and the Cumming Parks and Recreation department to encourage them to eliminate this policy that is unnecessarily bringing financial strain to working Forsyth County families.


David Tardella