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Letter to the editor
Political clout of Hispanics overstated by professor
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Forsyth County News

I would like to take issue with Professor Charles Bullock’s assessment of the GOP’s, and in particular, U.S. Rep. Doug Collins’ stance on Hispanic voters in an article about Mr. Collins published in the Friday, July 12 issue of the Forsyth County News.

Mr Bullock states; “Republicans are alienating the growing ranks of Hispanic and Asian voters.”

Maybe Mr. Bullock (a political science professor) should do a little research before he echoes the conventional wisdom on this topic.

Fact: Hispanic registered voters accounted for 7 percent of the total electorate vote in the 2014 election. I’m not saying that this is insignificant, but I am saying it would not have been a game changer. Obama did receive 71 percent vs. Romney at 21 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Had this been reversed, Romney still would have lost. The professor also seems to infer that if the Republicans would change their stance on immigration, they would garner more Hispanic votes.

According to the Pew Research Center’s survey of what is most important to Hispanic voters in six catagories, immigration was fifth out of the six. The top two were education and jobs/economy. 

Maybe Mr. Bullock should start talking to the legal Hispanic U.S. citizens about what they think about amnesty. I think he would get an ear full.


Mark D’Arcangelo