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Letter to the editor
Columnist Coyner favors profit above all else
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Forsyth County News

Our nation is a product of Western Civilization.  About 500 years ago the most identifiable religious elements of Western Civilization engaged the ‘Reformers’ against the church based in Rome.

The resulting Western Civilization then became even more influenced by Judeo-Christian values which are visible threads in the fabric of our nation. Hating and loathing another citizen, whether he or she lives in a rental property needing repair in Forsyth County or in the White House, is not an American value. Judeo-Christian values and other belief systems speak loudly against hate.

Columnist [Vince Coyner] values persons only by their profits and financial achievements. People who teach school, nurses who care for us in nonprofit hospitals, firemen who risk their lives to drag us out of burning houses, people who staff the charitable agencies that look after the poor, government employees at air traffic control, these are people not involved in forming corporations and not fulfilling Coyner’s only American virtue:  making profit. 

We have a president who thinks these people are citizens who might have some ideas on how to shape a self-governing mechanism!

I read both the Constitution and our Declaration of Independence today.  Nowhere did I find the word “corporation.” The Constitution does not begin with the words:  “We the Corporations …” 

Maybe the president knows that our founding fathers had no great love for corporations, a tool that the king of England misused to hammer the colonists.

Democrats have internal grumbling and disappointment that Obama is too much a centrist, that corporate America gets too favorable treatment from federal regulators. 

General Motors is alive today because Mr. Obama was not willing to let it lie on the side of the road while “vulture capitalists” picked juicy morsels from the carcass.  Many “mom and pop” corporations survived because of the stimulus plan supported by the president.

The administration that supposedly hates corporations and making profit has yet to jail any corporate people who initiated shabby home mortgage schemes to enhance profits through tactics that may have been criminal.

Is it Mr. Obama, or Mr. Coyner, who does not understand the American system?


Vernon Kuehn