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Letter to the editor
Economy remains our biggest problem
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Forsyth County News

Well, here it is near the end of summer. Congress is on vacation, and it seems that almost everyone is unhappy with the performance of congress and the president. I certainly am unhappy with them. What can we do?

First get our thoughts together and tell our congressmen and the president what we feel are priorities. For my part, the economy is far and away the number one issue. Economic enemy number one is the Commerce Department and its “free trade agreements.” Economy enemy number two is the congress for totally ignoring the economic decline over the past 30 or 40 years. The so-called “housing bubble” was only a symptom of our decline.

Then, we need to balance the budget. Fixing the economy and balancing the budget are super conservative projects. Our congressmen would hate being called liberals, but the way we are going is liberal, liberal, liberal.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a very conservative effort and should be supported by our conservative congressmen.

Of course, everyone has his pet projects and wants to get re-elected. Some are important and some are trivial. Let them know what you think.


Mitchell L. Easter