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Letter to the editor
Positive outcome to charity complaint
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Forsyth County News

Several months ago I wrote a letter to the Forsyth County News in regard to a group that goes by the name of Veterans Support Organization. This group had been collecting donations at one of our many busy intersections in the county and I wanted to do a little investigating on them.  After some research, I came up with some not so good data about their operation.

As reported in my earlier letter, in 2011 this group reportedly took in $8.5 million in donations and gave out a mere $300,000 to recipients.

I wrote this letter mainly to inform your readers that there were much better ways of giving and to please think before they donated. Fortunately, the story did not end with my letter. Soon after, the FCN ran a story about organizations that solicit donations on our roads. Shortly thereafter, WSB-TV picked up the ball and ran an investigation about VSO. They uncovered much more about the organization and their operation.

At this point, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office  took the lead and investigated them even further. I am happy to report that earlier this week, WSB-TV ran a follow up story that VSO has completely pulled out of Georgia and will most likely not return.

In conclusion, I would like to personally thank the staff and editor at FCN for running my letter and following up with a story. I can’t say for certain that we were the beginning of the end for VSO in Georgia, but I’m just thankful that Forsyth County is rid of this leech.  


Scott Whelchel