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Letter to the editor
Park double dipping by taxing tennis
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Forsyth County News

Sadly, I played my last tennis at beautiful Fowler Park on Aug. 30, because now there will be a charge for playing there. Whose idea was this to double dip the taxpayers who already paid once for this park and now must pay again? Why was this park even built if it couldn’t be sustained?

There are a lot of places to play.  Most likely I’ll be playing at Sharon Springs Park, the ugly, but free, stepsister of Fowler… or maybe Midway or neighborhood courts.

When I played last Friday, we were the only people on the courts. I don’t think the jobber will make out too well, especially if everyone I know is boycotting those courts. This type of decision “behind closed doors” is aggravating to tennis aficionados and will be remembered at the polls.


Janet Todd