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Letter to the editor
Some of us do obey speed limits
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Forsyth County News

Speed limits are important to me. I’m constantly observing them and obeying them, too. You maybe think I’m old, but that’s only because I was born a long time ago. I appreciate the deputies, but I don’t want to give them all my money, so I don’t drive too fast. 

This has been working for me so even though somebody rides my bumper and maybe thinks I will speed up out of intimidation and fear of being rear-ended so they maybe can get wherever they’re going a few minutes sooner. It doesn’t work on me. 

Sometimes I will pull it on over and let the insanity roll on by if there’s room someplace.  But usually they have to stay back there behind me and suffer. 

I wish people would use the restroom before they get in their car, that way they won’t be stuck behind me going the speed limit and barely holdin’ on to their dignity.


Marina Payton