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Letter to the editor
Always remember the pain, sacrifice of 9/11
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Forsyth County News

Twelve years ago last week I would be telling a customer/friend of mine to have a good week and then losing him in the North Tower. His wife lost her husband and their children lost their father. Our nation became under attack and it hasn’t stopped.

I have friends who have lost their friends/spouse and children in the war ever since and have held a crying wife/mom more than once. I have “other sons and daughters” now fighting the same war and more wars to come. I have a son that will be leaving our home in less than a year to go serve our country as a United States Marine. There is still so much hate in this world and that will never go away.

One thing I ask is this ... remember the day our nation was under attack 9-11-01 and how we all came together and mourned. Remember that day, when you could not wait to pick up your kids from school, day care, see your spouse or hug your family?

The phone lines were going crazy with people calling one another just to say “I love you” and “are you OK.” Always think of our military as they are fighting a never ending war with their soul and mind.

 Keep us in mind whose children/loved ones will be and are willing to risk everything. Land of the free because of the brave —just remember.


Heidi Wood