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Letter to the editor
Ol' Zell still zig-zagging
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Forsyth County News
Zell Miller is at it again.

At a Saxby Chambliss rally last week, he expressed his deep concerns about the prospect of the Democrats capturing 60 seats in the Senate, which could prevent the Republican minority from using filibusters to block President-Elect Obamas agenda: Saxby could well be the last man standing between a far-left, liberal agenda sailing through the U.S. Senate,  Miller declared.

But in his 2003 book, A National Party No More, Miller had this to say about filibusters:  The U.S. Senate is the only place on the planet where 59 votes out of 100 cannot pass anything because (the other) 41 votes can defeat it. This strange Senate math stands democracy on its head.

Its interesting how Miller’s feelings about the filibuster have changed now that his right-wing buddies are in the minority.

Zig-Zag Zell strikes again.

Kevin Singh