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Letter to the editor
Time to speak up about shutdown
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Forsyth County News

Our government has shut down and Rep. Rob Woodall helped in its demise. Maybe it will cause you some suffering. Falling stock market as the USA will not be paying its bills and that effects your retirement/saving. Such as — no paycheck while your bills continue to add up.

Did you make plans to visit national parks or monuments? Closed. Oh, if you had your airline tickets don’t expect a refund. Are you applying for a small business loan or a FHA loan? Closed.  Georgia Dept. of Labor is trying to figure out a contingency plan for laid-off federal workers, and in Georgia, that number is about 102,000 persons. Are you trying to get a passport or visa for a trip — delayed. 

Do you have a health problem that the National Institute of Health is conducting medical research? It is being delayed. The Atlanta FAA will have a partial shutdown with over 330 workers furloughed.

Veterans waiting for the already too long approval process will wait longer and the Board of Veterans Appeals will stop issuing rulings. Concerned about your food? Most routine food inspections by the Food and Drug Administration will be suspended. How about hungry children, infants and mothers known as WIC? That could also shut down. 

What you can do? How about writing/calling Congressman Rob Woodall and asking him to pay your bills, buy your food, reimburse your lost wages, money already spent on vacation plans, and remind him that it is very nice that Congress continues to get paid.


Marcus Disbrow