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Letter to the editor
Support for lake group is money well spent
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Forsyth County News

The Oct. 6 issue had a [letter] from Mr. Gordon about the waste of money for the county to contribute money to The Lake Lanier Association.

 I assume Mr. Gordon does not live on the lake and probably does not use it for any recreation activities, fishing, etc. He is probably in the majority of people that live in Forsyth, Dawson, Hall, or Gwinnett counties in this respect.

However, he needs to understand the importance of the lake to these counties. He may not use the lake, but he gets his drinking water from it. He needs to look into the actions of the LLA to appreciate all the things they do to keep this water uncontaminated from industrial sites, wastewater treatment facilities, and real-estate developers that would let pollution and contamination into his drinking water — and they do it at no expense to him. He also needs to appreciate the tremendous economic engine that these counties get from the lake, and this benefits him and his family with excellent parks and government services, higher living standards, reasonable tax rates, and some of the very best schools in the state. 

The LLA is mainly supported by membership, which is voluntary, and some contributions from the people and businesses that appreciate what it does for the area. Therefore Mr. Gordon, count your blessings we have the lake and the LLA does much to enhance its value to the community, with no direct cost to you.


Frank Frederick