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Letter to the editor
Alcohol at fairgrounds is a really bad idea
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Forsyth County News

[Allowing alcohol at certain fairground events] has to be one of the dumbest things this city could do. What are they thinking? Drinking in an open space, not restricted or confined. They now will have problems checking all the fake IDs that come in, people leave the fairgrounds and drive drunk, more police have to control the crowds, more taxes for the city to pay for the extra problems and police working overtime.

 This is crazy, and what is the city to gain other than problems. With all the effort to stop drunk driving this is 180 percent against the efforts of many.

Please use this as you wish to broadcast to the city official’s. It is probably too late to stop. I am not opposed to drinking at all, but at the fairgrounds, no. This is likened to trying to round up 500 chickens in a desert; a lot of them are going to get away before you get to them.


Dennis Eichler