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Letter to the editor
Crawford cant see the true adults
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Forsyth County News

I find it amazing that people like Tom Crawford refer to the Georgia senators as the adults.  The condescending view of pseudo-intellectuals like Mr. Crawford  seem to imply that other congressmen or senators are somehow childish when they choose to take a stand for the principals in which they believe. 

I find the continued spineless behavior by the Georgia senators in their quest to appease liberals like Mr. Crawford and surrender to the belief that we cannot stop this runaway train we call our federal government. By voting to once again raise the debt limit and fund the crushing Obamacare nightmare they are shrugging their shoulders and saying it’s just too hard for us to stop. 

Ted Cruz, Tom Graves and the other congressmen that voted to stop this train wreck are doing what a real adult would do.  Say no to their childlike fellow congressmen who pitch tantrums every time they don’t get to buy the next toy and the next vote. A real adult would not smile at their children and say well, because I’m too weak to face the reality of this spending, you get to deal with this crushing debt when I’m long gone.

I have to disagree with Mr. Crawford in who was really the adult regarding this issue.


Tim Amidon