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Letter to the editor
Military spending cuts should be last to happen
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Forsyth County News

There has been much discussion, as of late, regarding reducing the funding of the United States military. It is only my attitude that this is appropriate if, and only if, there are proportional cuts to all federal level public servants. This would include, but may not be limited to, the office of the president, congress and the IRS all the way down to the lowest level federal government employee.

In reality, the government should be cut down to only its original intended purpose and functions. (Please refer to the Constitution of the United States for descriptions of government responsibilities.)

If we did this, then the subject of cutting military spending would not be an issue whatsoever. As government spending is spiraling out of control and the national debt continues to grow at such an alarming rate and to very alarming sums, it is agreed that cuts do need to be made.

However, to cut the spending to the most basic function of government, which is to protect its citizens from enemies within and abroad that seek to interfere with citizens’ pursuit of life, liberty and happiness while reckless spending continues at a pace that is no doubt nothing less than communistic, has to be one of the most irresponsible politically motivated acts that I know.

The military keeps us safe. If the government will stop allocating money to failed and bankrupt “green” companies and other private businesses and organizations that it has absolutely no business interfering with, then our military can remain the best in the world and we will be protected.


Douglas Pendley