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Letter to the editor
Commission show great for laughs
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Forsyth County News
The readers of Forsyth County News continue to be entertained by our county commissioners.  Last Sunday’s edition was fun as it described a push to move Commissioner Laughinghouse out of his office in the county administration building. 

It now looks like he may get moved out just in time to move right back in.

In the same article we learned that all work will be done by county employees.  At least his office can get a deep cleaning.  Unfortunately the taxpayers are going to foot the bill for all the foolishness.  

If they have the time for this you have to wonder if we have too many people on the county payroll.  It’s unfortunate the taxpayers didnt do some of their own deep cleaning last spring when they had the chance. Commissioner Richard evidently feels spending taxpayers’ money this way is somehow justified.  

The article goes on to describe the verbal interaction between commissioners Richard, Ledbetter, Tam and Laughinghouse, which was especially entertaining. It reminded me of episodes of the Honeymooners TV shows years ago.  

It’s no small wonder why the county can’t find and keep a county manager.  Until the voters elect commissioners that are professional in all their official county du-ties, the county will continue to suffer and Forsyth County will be unable to recruit an individual that has the background and experience to manage our county’s business in a professional manner instead of being a “yes” man who jumps when the commissioners say jump.

Richard Shriver