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Letter to the Editor
Jail deliberations bog down yet again
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Forsyth County News
As Abbott and Costello used to say “Another fine mess you got us into ...”

This issue of build a jail, don’t build a jail, is driving us all crazy. At least since 2000, there have been what seems to be a thousand serious considerations to funding a new jail in the form of referendums, studies, commissioner votes, and campaign promises.

And now that we seem to be getting really close to getting the public to finally OK a new jail, Commissioners Harrell and Richard put the critical design phase on hold! Can’t make a decent decision without Laughinghouse to hold your hands, gentlemen?

Thank goodness Commissioners Tam and Ledbetter understand how important this jail is to our community and voted in the best interest of Forsyth County on this issue!

Brenton Hochstetler