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Letter to the editor
Greed is how we got into this recession
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Forsyth County News
My opinion of the recession that our country is in is very simple. The recession was started many years ago because of greed and more greed. Whether we make $400 a week or $4,000 a week, we the people are never satisfied with what we have. You know a family only needs approximately 1,650 square foot home to live in comfortable.

There is exceptions of course if you have several children to raise. But now everyone wants 5,000 square foot home with four-bedroom, five-bath, three-car garage. You can only eat approximately three times a day, sleep in only one bed at a time. drive one car at a time, so why do we want more — greed and more greed, I have news for all of us, we are here only by the grace of God, our Father, and when we leave this life we will not be taking any material things with us.

Back to the recession, our leaders in Congress approved a bailout of $700 billion to be spread out to our banks, mortgage companies, financial institutions, and now the auto manufacturers. This was supposed to be so they could loan money to us, the taxpayers, so that we could stay in our homes and prevent losing our homes. Guess what, they have no accountability, and to what they do with these billions, they are buying other banks and companies, and making them more wealthy. Also they have not quit giving these huge bonuses to top level managers of these companies in the millions of dollars.

More greed and greed. Our members of Congress should not be allowed to be in office over two terms — If they were not they would not be able to receive all this power and abuse it. They then hopefully would do what they were put in office for, to do the will of the people of this great country.

I am afraid until something drastic takes place, then we will continue to plod along on this same path as always.
Please Pray for our country and God bless America.

Sid Barfield