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Letter to the editor
Water rate hike is justifiable
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Forsyth County News
Regarding the Jan. 7 article “Board to hike fees for water,” the comment by resident Larry Cochran is ignoring one vital factor.  We desperately need to continue conserving water in order to rejuvenate our suppy source (primarily Lake Lanier). 

A brief respite from the drought will not be sufficient to allow us to resort to our old practices where we used this precious resource wastefully, without regard to the consequences. 

However, the departments that take care of supplying us with water and sewer services must be adequately funded.  As our usage dropped, so did the revenue that provides that funding.

Therefore, a raise in rates seems inevitable and justifiable.  According to the proposed figures, the financial impact on the average user will be minimal. Only the individuals that have excessive usage will experience a significant increase in their bills.  This only seems fair and, perhaps, it will be an incentive for them to be more frugal in their water usage.

Bob Grayson