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Letter to the editor
Wrong time for funding Greenway Trail phase
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Forsyth County News
In today’s paper (Jan. 15 2009) I see that the county commission is still spending money like a drunk sailor.  Does the commission not realize that the county is in an economic crunch?  If they do realize, I guess they just don’t care.  

The approval of a $453,000 contract to continue design phases for Big Creek Greenway Trail is an absolute brain dead move.  How about, complete the phase already under construction, hold off on the rest until the economy starts moving again.  The citizens of Forsyth County couldn’t enjoy the trail anyway.  In today’s economy it takes every minute of every day to make a dollar.  

This just really gets my blood boiling.  The county just laid off 26 employees before Christmas to save money.  $453,000 could have gone a long way to reduce the number of layoffs.  And I bet if I keep looking I can find more money to keep employees working, maybe not in their career field but in another field where they are needed.  Just keep spending money on “Trail” designs while you lay people off and hike water rates.  Where are the Reagan conservatives?

Joshua Garmon