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Letter to the Editor
Richard responds to editorial
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Forsyth County News

The problem with last Sundays editorial (if we were to grace what should only have been called a hit-piece with that name) is that it is an opinion without any first-hand knowledge.

Allow me to explain.

The hit-piece mentions several times how I perceive myself to be or how I see myself in my role as county commissioner. The writer(s) of the hit-piece would like you to believe that they have some direct knowledge of me through some means or another, perhaps even having some writings of mine to back up their opinion of how I perceive myself to be. In the real world, we call these facts. Even opinion must be based on some reasonable basis on fact.

Sadly, if you want facts or informed opinion, the Forsyth County News editorial board is not the place to go. You see, there are no writings on my website, nor comments in any media, nor comments to persons either public or private that state in any way shape or form as to how I perceive myself to be. Nor have there been any discussions whatsoever between me and the editors of the Forsyth County News. In fact, in over four years of public life, I have never said more than one word of substance to any member of the FCN except their reporters, and that was hello.

So how does the editorial board of the FCN know how I see myself in order to write an opinion piece regarding me?

The fact is, they dont know; which is why their editorial is not only fiction, it is the very thing they claim they will not do — an endorsement of my opponent.

The problem with a two-man race is that when you come out with a hit-piece as what the FCN did last Sunday, it is, in fact, an endorsement of the other guy, and the folks who write that are not being honest with you.

David Richard
Commissioner, District 4