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Letter: Trump is the peace president
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Trump is the peace president

I am looking at an article in the Forsyth County News, which the opinion editor decided to print Sunday, July 14.

I hope you will allow another perspective on the author’s comments as it seems he was commenting on a previous article on President Donald Trump with which he did not agree.

The first presidential candidate I voted for was John F. Kennedy. Since then I have not voted for another Democrat presidential candidate. I don’t have enough space allotted me to explain my reasons, so I will focus on why I voted for President Trump instead.

We have not had a president since President Ronald Reagan, in my humble opinion, who was a proverbial wild card and who really cared about this country.

President Reagan was considered a cowboy who would lead the United States into war with Russia because he stood up to Premier Mikhail Gorbachev of Russia. Reagan called out Gorbachev while making his famous “Tear down this wall” speech in Berlin and walked away from the Reykjavik peace talks. 

President Reagan’s advisors suggested not to provoke Gorbachev by putting that request in his speech, but he did what he knew was right, not “politically correct.”

Now fast forward to President Trump and we have a non-political what-you-see-is-what-you-get person who has no problem speaking his mind to both friend and enemy. It seems strange that voters dislike politicians because they often speak through both sides of their mouth. This applies to both Republicans and Democrats.

Now we have a president who does just that and we choose to demean, slander, and anything else they can accuse him of yet, we have the greatest economy in well over 50 years. We have the lowest, not one of the lowest, unemployment rates for all ethnic groups in over 75 years.

Here is a president who has accomplished more in his two-plus years in office despite the consistent negative commentary by our so-called unbiased media and both Democrats and Never Trumper Republicans than any past president. He has delivered on many of his campaign promises and our enemies know where U.S. stands.

I guess voters just don’t know how to deal with a non-politician who actually tells the truth. What a novel idea.

Anthony Gulla