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Letter: Watch out for Todd; New city loose again!
letter to the editor 2

Noting Forsyth County News March 22, 2017 article “Sharon Springs cityhood bill to be introduced”, comments seem called for.

With arrival of Spring, Rep Todd Jones springs an effort to rehash the new (old) city debate with his notice to introduce “a bill to incorporate the City of Sharon Springs; and for other purposes.” So, what are the other purposes?

Todd’s process over the summer and fall “is effectively a study committee.” So, who will be paying for this scramble?

The last go around ditched the idea of “city light” so now the city would begin with three services to be determined. The rest of the city guidelines are a rehash of the “old” city provisions. What’s new?

A great idea that was all but ignored on the first go around is “… to get people on that committee from all of Forsyth County, not just south Forsyth ….” If the goal is to pillage and plunder the County this seems like a good idea; don’t try to omit the County Government this time either.

As I recall Senator Williams opinioned before the 2017 General Assembly that since two new commissioners had been elected to the BOC it made sense to let the County government adapt. That notion had a life of less than three months.

The idea of more and layered government is not a core Republican concept. “Drain the swamp” is in vogue, not “Fashion new swamps” to burden the citizens.

I sincerely hope that many of the County’s citizens and our County Government will “Rise Up” for this year-long study cycle, not just the special interest group.

Jim Warner
Forsyth County