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Letter: We as citizens need to follow all laws

It ceases to amaze me how we seem to forget we are supposed to be a nation of laws.

Past presidents and our current Congress have chosen to ignore existing laws they passed and those past presidents signed into law regarding immigration.

Most people in this country are law-abiding and follow our existing laws.

Many people who want to immigrate to the United States choose to follow our expensive and long process to become citizens of this great country.

There are others however, who choose to circumvent our laws and enter this country illegally instead of using port of entry locations.

Past presidents and Congresses have chosen to ignore our existing immigration laws even when they separated families or deported those people. No one chose to say a word.

Why is that? What is different now? What is our government doing differently?

The answer is we are enforcing our immigration; laws that have been in effect since before Bill Clinton. This is typical of progressives. 

If you don’t like the law, don’t complain to your elected officials, just create trouble and make other people uncomfortable.

If you are stopped by a police officer because you were speeding, whose fault was it?

Should you blame the cop for doing his or her job, or yourself for speeding?

Now because we are finally enforcing our existing immigration laws, you are upset?

Please, give me a break.

Anthony Gulla