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Letter: Why relief may be coming for people of faith

Thank you for publishing what I thought was a useful article by Michael Barone helping to explain how the “Lemon v. Kurtzman” decision by the Supreme Court in 1971 came about and why it now should be irrelevant. 

The Lemon decision was the basis for a lower court to order the removal of The Bladensburg Cross erected by citizens in 1925 and has been maintained by a state government agency in Maryland since then. The Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision overturned the lower court.

As someone who believes American’s religious freedoms have been unconstitutionally diminished this is good news. Maybe relief is coming for bakers, pizza restaurant owners, high school football coaches, teachers with Bibles on their desks, etc., etc., who have been discriminated against because they were living what they believed.

According to Mr. Barone, in 1971 the court and scholars reasoned people were being unduly pressured by an increasingly religious America to conform. Today people of faith are being unduly pressured by an increasingly secularized society to conform. Based on those assumptions the decisions seem reasonable. 

Based on the Constitution only the recent one was decided properly.

Ralph Johnston Sr.