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Letter: Why waste money on new intersection?

I am curious as as to why the county/state (?) would waste $400,000 (?) to build a new intersection 200 feet from an old one. Move the roads, move the traffic lights and eliminate sidewalks. The intersection in question is at Drew Road and Bethelview Road. 

The old intersection had a dedicated right turn lane (on Drew Road) that allows right turning traffic to turn when the light is red, the new one does not. The old intersection (on Bethelview Road) had a dedicated right, East bound turn lane, the new one does not.  In addition, they made the road narrower and eliminated the sidewalks.

This new intersection slows down traffic in this area by making the wait times longer at the lights for West Forsyth High School students leaving in the afternoon. In addition, it is more dangerous by removing the sidewalks. What I want to know is what moron came up with the idea to spend that kind of money only to slow the traffic down at the intersection?

The only reason I can come up with is the land for the new road was owned by a Forsyth County official. Understand?

Richard Powers