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No need for another town in Forsyth County
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Forsyth County News

It would seem that someone’s personal whim to cerate the city of Sharon Springs is getting notoriety. As a resident of over 16 years in South Forsyth County I am totally satisfied with county services, including the one time I had to call the sheriff’s department regarding damage to Three Chimneys Farm subdivision’s nature trail.

The consensus among my fellow empty nesters to this proposal: Why do we need another layer of government when the trend among Republicans is for smaller government? And, who will pay for its officials, municipal quarters and police? We don’t need more taxes.

As to the last concern, what officer will want to work for a dinky, small township? Maybe Barney Fife will apply. Also, why designate it as “Sharon Springs?” Why not Old Atlanta, Windermere or Three Chimneys Farm? I hope this move gains no momentum and that those of us concerned don’t let it slip through.


Tony Martinez