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Reader weighs in on bike lanes, new city and Hwy. 20
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Forsyth County News

Messages: No. 1 — Bikers should not be the ones to decide if bike lanes should be built. Vehicle drivers, who have to wait on them to get out of the way, should be the ones to decide if we want them on the roads or in bike lanes.

No. 2 — I say let south Forsyth create their own city and leave the rest of us alone. Maybe they can get Fulton County to take them in and pay their tax rate and [Forsyth County] Commissioner [Brian] Tam can get elected to the new city council and make room for us to have better representation.

No. 3 — Waiting on the [state] DOT to do the work on Highway 20 west before completing the northern-most section of the [Big Creek] Greenway is ridiculous. I saw how fast the DOT does anything during my work career. We in the northern part of the county would like to be alive when it is completed.


Bill Hansford