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Recycling failure unlikely to succeed
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Forsyth County News

In my opinion, to separate one’s reactive human feelings and thoughts about any religion, while knowing that it is being used to propagate inhumane tragedies, is a hard mountain to climb.

Yet, right or wrong, we must also remember that at one time in history, the Christian Crusades were also looked upon in the same manner by those in other parts of the world, as we now look upon them.

Sadly, we have all in one way or another used violence and mayhem in the name of God, without realizing the future social impact of this failure, as it continues to recycle over time.

Now, the very foundation of all humanity is being once again thrust into a position of defense, due to the radicalization of those, both in and out of the Islamic religion.

Somehow we must not allow this cycle to continue, for all of us on Earth were created equal in any God’s eyes. And though we as both Americans and Christians need to now defend ourselves against this current threat, we must also try not to lose any sense of our own humanity for one another in the process.

For as to do so, would be as if sending us all to hell by our own devices, which I, again, believe would be even a greater tragedy beyond all comprehension.


Lance F. Lenahan

Forsyth County