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Road widening plan is not justified
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Forsyth County News

Castleberry Road could use some improvements, but spending taxpayer money because it is available for an over-reaching project that is not needed is not the sort of action conservative county commissioners should pursue.

This is especially true when: two of the five commissioners don’t approve it, almost all residents affected don’t want it, traffic studies do not justify it and the county already had a lower cost plan from November 2012. The project is the widening of Castleberry Road to five lanes (four traffic and one grass median) instead of a more modest plan proposed in 2012. Money from the state, leadership from GDOT and money already spent are not justifications to revoke the 2012 plan.

The plan to widen Castleberry Road has been approved, revised and revived by different Forsyth County Boards of Commissioners since 2003. The fix is simple. If three commissioners can make a mistake, three others can correct it. Next election, voters can replace at least one of the commissioners who voted for a five-lane Castleberry Road with a candidate who is against it. The board votes on the matter again, and the 2012 plan is implemented. Need met. Money saved, or “conserved” if that principle is actually practiced here.


Tony Gardner