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Roanoke settlers not first colonists
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Forsyth County News

Recently you published an article about some lost rocks were you stated they are said to be messages from some of Americas first colonists, who settled on Roanoke Island near present-day North Carolina in the 1580s. That information is incorrect.

The first European colonists that settled in what is now the United States were led by Lucas Vazquez de Aylln into the Carolinas area (maybe this is the reason the area was later chosen by the British colonists?). After that there was a colony in Santa Elena and of course the one that later became the city of San Agustn, Florida.

Of course, there are those who would claim that the Vikings, and earlier than that, even the Japanese and Phoenicians, had earlier colonies in what is today the United States, but none of these resulted in later permanent settlements nor did they seem to be successful in communicating their findings to the rest of their contemporaries resulting in further settlements by others as was the case with Spain and later with England.

Susana Mead