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Sanders Road should be reopened by now
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Forsyth County News

The lake Alice Dam breach in May 2013 may have been the perfect storm for some and not others. Sanders Road should have been shored up, filled in and paved already. I did walk the area by the breached ‘earth’ dam. It couldn’t handle the pressure and washed out, probably from underneath the water level going undetected.

The current aerial picture of the shallow cove shows the silt deposit is enormous. Several hundred feet long. But the dam and Sanders Road are two separate issues. Being able to travel is important to the citizens here in Forsyth County. To fix Sanders, you don’t need any permits.

Who’s going to stop our road crews? No one has the ability to do so. I can get this job done in two weeks.

The dam is different, a natural disaster. Unfortunately, Mother Nature showed up fast and furious this time.

The responsible owners of Lake Alice should compensate the affected properties with water levels of less than 14 feet. Then fill in the Market Place side of the breach and develop it. It becomes positive after that.

The construction and desilting of this project could cost more than compensating the 20-something homes in that cove.

The complaining of silt will never stop. There are power lines running over the cove anyway.

Give us our road back, we paid for it.

It’s an easy fix if you find the right negotiator.


Terence Sweeney