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Letter: South had things under control
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After reading your column in today’s paper, I am amazed and shocked that an editor of your stature accepts the popular (but false) narrative about Southern history concerning the war between the states.

To say that our forefathers were traitors who tried to overthrow the U.S. government proves your ignorance. 

For your information, Lincoln and his radical republicans created disunion and invaded the Confederacy for exercising their constitutional right of secession. Our confederate “traitors” were only defending their homes and families from northern invaders. 

It was the north that destroyed our constitutional republic and we are still feeling the effects today. 

Had the north minded their own business, the south would have eventually emancipated the slaves in a peaceful and orderly way. Slave owners were beginning to realize that it was far more economical to pay wages to workers than support them — cradle to grave. 

No. My great grandfather who was a poor dirt farmer did not join the Confederate army to preserve slavery but to protect his home and family from an invading, tyrannical hoard. I will always honor and respect his sacrifice for our Southland. 

John P. Nowell