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Transportation bond 2014: Good, bad, ugly
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Forsyth County News

“Those whom look with jaundice-eye — Yellow They will see,” and though I’m not sure that’s something “Confucius-Say,” having witnessed first-hand the rampant growth and development suffered of Forsyth County over the last decade — averaging seventh-fastest Nationwide over that time — that is how I initially looked into Our latest “Transportation Bond 2014” proposal ... yet another of several put-forth since 2003 as the latest ‘n greatest “Traffic Fix-All”... and saw “Good” in that “Proposed GDOT Partnership Projects” list! 

The concept of (Us) forging “Seed-Money” to get GDOT - and Fed-DOT no-less! — enticed to approve and provision significant funding put toward expediting construction of those badly needed additional lanes to Ga. 400 and other state roadway improvements — Capital Road-Improvements realized literally DECADES earlier than they may at-all possibly have occurred otherwise for Us having procured a synergistic “Partnership” — is simply a great idea I think We can and should enthusiastically embrace Today!

But what of state and/or federal participation — which is not being guaranteed whatsoever — failing to materialize? 

That “bad” isn’t being discussed, and whereas so many other “interests” may come-forth to influence those considerations of both state and federal government in their resolve, eithers withdrawal is a possibility I feel we’ve yet to vette conclusively.

Then there’s the ugly:  New roads and widening the likes of Ronald Regan extension even less-traveled Pilgrim Mill Road, etc. All proposed as literal four-lane boulevards which serve nothing-less than still-more future  development, run-rampant through environmentally sensitive riparian corridors and wetland-tributaries of both Lake Lanier and the Big Creek Confluence at the expense of rather expediting so many past “project listings” remaining un-funded/incomplete — yet not forgotten — to rather accommodate “future development” again?

For God sake no. That $60-plus million better funds a badly-needed Ga. 400/Shiloh Road Interchange, relieving traffic only increasing for continued “back-ups” at both McFarland (Exit 12) and Peachtree Pkwy. Hwy.141/Bethelview Road, despite creation of those “new roads” otherwise for them doing nothing to relieve existing or future traffic congestion upon a “widened” Ga. 400 other than “wait-to-exit” those Arterial-Collector Interchages status-quo. 

This is the fifth local legislation touting “Let’s Fix Our Traffic Problems now or-else...” since my relocation to bucolic Forsyth County June of 2002, and it surely won’t be the last, but this time that may just be a good thing ... I voted “no” — why wouldn’t you?


Jack Gleason