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Treat the Troops a success this year
Treat the troops
Dozens of volunteers pack items for military personnel serving overseas during a Treats for Troops event in December 2016. - photo by File photo

For the past five years, citizens of Forsyth County as well as surrounding counties have come together in force to support our American deployed Soldiers through the Treat the Troops Program. With our recent Christmas packing, we have shipped a total of 6,562 large, priority mail boxes, containing 781,178 homemade cookies, and literally thousands of pounds of comfort food items to our Troops. Each box also contained a variety of notes and letters providing those protecting us “a little bit of home.”  

Our Mission Statement:  “The purpose of Treat the Troops is to let deployed American soldiers, on the front, living in tents or temporary quarters, know that people at home are remembering them.” We have done our job and will continue to do so as long as we have soldiers in harms way.

The commitment of our soldiers and our TTT volunteers will continue on as long as need be.  

I personally want to thank each of you for your contributions and to share part of an email I received this week from a soldier who recently received one of our boxes. 

Michael L, Army, TF Marauder, Kandahar Airfield wrote in part: “Please know that what you are doing is something special. We as Soldiers know that our American brothers and sisters have our backs. We can see it clearly and we can feel the kindness and warmth in each package you send.  Also, know this … we are winning. We are pushing the enemy back each day. Know that. No matter what you read or hear in the news, we are winning. 

“The enemy may get lucky every now and again, but there is nowhere they can hide as our best technology and Soldiers leave no stone unturned. We are motivated and if the war lasts a year or a hundred years, the cause of freedom has no statute of limitations as we will never give in and never back down. The American people have no cause for concern. Your military will never cede to any enemy and we are able to have this confidence because of what you do each and every day. Live and love happily as Americans. We love and appreciate what you do.”   

Thank you to all our TTT volunteers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Linda Jones

Founder Treat the Troops-Southern Style