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Why the delay in Scott Pruitt case?
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Forsyth County News

I am writing regarding the pending charges on Mr. Scott Pruitt, the gentleman running for Forsyth County sheriff.

It is my understanding that the county still has not brought any charges  against this man, while he runs for sheriff of Forsyth County.   

I have concerns about this issue, as he is running for public office and in addition, has a child in the home. It is my understanding also that it has been well over a year since this gentleman was arrested. In addition, Scott Pruitt  is running for public office.

There is a child in that home and as a citizen in this county, I believe I can voice my concerns because if there is some sort of predatory person in the home, the charges need to be brought, one way or another.

How can a county wait so very long on possible criminal charges of such a serious and sensitive nature when there is a child in the home?  I hope citizens consider that the county should bring the charges or drop them, whatever is the correct and just way; and that District Attorney Penny Penn keeps in mind that a child resides in the home of Scott Pruitt.  

There is really no excuse for pending charges of such a possible serious and sensitive nature to be dragging on this long.

I do not think it is right for the citizens of the county and most especially  not right for the child that resides in Mr. Pruitt’s Home.

Terry Baradine

Editor’s note: Former deputy Pruitt was arrested in May 2007 and charged with 20 felony counts of violation of the Computer Pornography and Child Exploitation Prevention Act, and one count each of theft by taking, theft by conversion, computer trespass and violation of oath of office. He  has yet to be indicted on any of the charges for which he was arrested.