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Mike Tasos: Here’s what I’m thankful for this year
Mike Tasos

Anyone else noticing that we’re heading towards Christmas like it’s the last lap at Talladega?

It’s nonsense to wonder: “Why the rush?”

I’m avoiding the news with bizarre Kenosha trials, politicians spending our money as if we’re Jed Clampett and we just found more “bubblin’ crude.” 

Shopping for groceries has become an exercise in doing more with way less than we are accustomed to. With the buffoons in Washington running this show, it isn’t a stretch to imagine a bowl of corn flakes and Pop-Tarts instead of turkey for Thanksgiving.

Wait! Scratch that. Two shoppers are brawling over that last box of Cap’n Crunch. We’ll have to see if there are any Twinkies left. Are we close to eating Lunchables as a main course on Thursday?

The calendar tells me it’s not yet December, but I’m going to put aside open enrollment and buy some poinsettias. The Christmas season approaches and it’s time to think about “Thanks.”

In no particular order, even if I’m forced to unwrap a Lenny’s sub on Thursday, here’s my list:

Vicki and the boys: Being together is a no-brainer. Same for being home. Nothing planned except some good food, movies and plans for December. There will hopefully be Christmas lists that afford plenty of lead time. Chris will have his prepared; Greg’s will have more additions and deletions than an accountant’s ledger. The ultimate work in progress.

Brothers Matt and Marty: I’m thankful to have enough of my mental acuity left that allows me to laugh at shenanigans from Thanksgiving’s past. I had an uncle who I never heard say a single word, not even “Pass the gravy.” I swear the man died despising me for asking if Koufax was faster than Feller?

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals: I have hung my hat there for nearly 13 years. A company is a building, Cumberland is made up of some fine people and products that help patients. The folks in Nashville have become dear, valued friends. I cannot imagine a work life without them. My sales team are committed to getting those products to patients. I am proud to know this will, in all likelihood, be my last job in an industry where I’ve worked since 1981.

Neighbors John and Mitzi Hull: They’ve lived next door for the entire time we’ve lived in Cumming (1994). They are fine, sweet people and truly care. I only hope, through all the dogs and kids, they haven’t recorded any of the bedlam that occurred next door.

Cherry Smith: Another neighbor who lives up the hill. She’s a true baseball fan and relishes going to a game, any game. Our kids have played together since childhood. Beginning Monday, Davis will be doing our yard. That’s staying power. 

Sister Rosann Fraher: It’s amazing to stay connected with a San Francisco member of the Sisters of Mercy I’ve known more than 55 years. 

Amazingly, she still speaks to me. Better yet, someone in her line of work for that long is undoubtedly connected with the Big Boss upstairs. I need some help which is right in her wheelhouse. With her and others helping and praying, I am confident that “we got this.”

Marc Wiggins: I managed him back when he was throwing leather as a lightweight. One of the toughest guys I’ve known, never took a step backwards. And one of the nicest. He still calls and our talks about his past fights tickle me. I owe him both a phone call and a bunch of “thankees” for helping me remember.

Tim Murphy and the St. Lawrence Facebook group: Thanks for allowing me to be a part of all those remembrances. I agree that we need to get together before we forget.

Allan Kauffman: Anyone who offers to come to Georgia to help with anything is a true friend. Known him for 35 years. He still makes me laugh. And I know he cares.

If I left you off the list, it’s not because I’m not thankful. I’ll get to you, I promise. It’s just that I’m out of space.

Don’t fret about us eating the sandwich. My Knights of Columbus brothers from the Good Shepherd Council are selling fried turkeys. We got this one too.

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your nap.

Mike Tasos’ column appears every other weekend. He also wants to thank the Braves for that early Christmas present.  He is on Facebook and can be emailed at