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Mike Tasos: Looking forward to what may be a better future
Mike Tasos

Enough is enough!

Not sure if your life has become a scene right out of a movie. Experiencing Groundhog Day has become a daily occurrence: Wake up, shower, downstairs for coffee, try to keep occupied with work followed by hours of wondering when all this will end.

The movie was hilarious. The real-life version? Not so much.

Every day has become the same. And that’s not sitting very well with many of us.

Here’s the problem: I know a lot of people in a lot of cities across the country. I know of no one who has had COVID-19. And the folks I’ve asked don’t know anyone who has had it!

Let the writer bashing begin. I know the virus is serious business. Viruses can’t be cured, just managed. They’ve been around forever and this one won’t be cured, just corralled.

I remember when polio was a devastating, crippling disease that preyed upon us. Surely, many of you remember standing in line for the vaccine that was delivered on a sugar cube?

Polio went away. For a while. 

There are reports it’s making a comeback.

Why? Because it’s a virus. 

The two Bakersfield, California urgent care physicians were recently bashed for calling COVID-19 nothing more than the flu. Highly contagious and deadly to those at risk. They were bashed and castigated.

My opinion: I think they’re pretty much right!

I’m looking for some good to come out of this. Maybe God is trying to impart His wisdom in the form of a gargantuan reset.

He’s probably saying: “OK folks. I’m going to give you another chance. This time, try being a little nicer to one another. Enjoy your families.”

To parents, He’s hoping you’ll make like Crosby, Stills and Nash: “Teach your children well.”

No doubt, teachers have been forced to educate in a less-than-ideal conditions. But has the extended break been devastating to the kids?

When the bell rings in August, my money is on everyone learning that parents can do it if need be. It’s been a tough adjustment for everyone concerned. 

Maybe the kids will have a burning desire to do their learning away from Mom and Dad?

Damn the politicians! Especially those who are all for having the government dictate whether or not you can swim in the ocean. 

There are the majority of people reading this who want to go to work. All of us will be careful. We promise to wash our hands and stay away. As I am writing this, I am giddy about paying a visit to Jessie The Hair Lady. 

Her and Dawn the Hair Lady are back at it at. The Salon at Cumming Station is going full blast. Dawn opened her business in October 2008, right in the midst of the last recession. No way she’s afraid of the bug. 

The same goes for Amanda Lynn, the owner of Wilkes Meat Market. Business is booming, despite beef prices rising daily. The meat counter is a thing of beauty, a vegetarian’s nightmare. If a week ago was any indication, her customers are loyal and have full wallets. 

I’m all right with moving things forward in stages. But we have to keep moving forward. It seems like every so-called expert has an opinion about getting back to work.

Me, I’m hitching my wagon to President Trump, the guy who has made money in lean times. He’s been consistent throughout this ordeal. 

There is virtually no consensus among the so-called experts. Think about all the dire predictions that have changed like the weather and pumped fear into folks who want to go back to work.

The last two months have been surreal. It’s like being on a hot air balloon ride, We’re floating and waiting on a nice, soft landing.

In the future, things are going to be different. Maybe even better as we strive to regain what we have had snatched away from us.

I promise never to complain about business travel. I might even take a practice run to Hartsfield to make sure it’s still there.

Mike Tasos’ column is published every other weekend. The virus took John Prine, who was one of the best songwriters ever. If you never listened to him, do yourself a favor and listened to his last album, “The Tree of Forgiveness.” It was so special.  Comments can be sent to He is also on Facebook.