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Mike Tasos: Super Bowl, Winter Olympics not on my radar
Mike Tasos

After doing a David Copperfield for a few weeks, it was reasonable to assume you readers could have gotten things under control.

I did my part, bidding farewell to Lefty in order to have a fighting chance in my battle with kidney cancer. I dream that my malignant, tumor-laden organ is doing something productive. I have visions of it being advertised as a hot new stink bait featured prominently on a weekend fishing show.

The other kidney (make that my only kidney) is now known as Pancho and is “so far so good.” My ol’ St. Lawrence School chum of 50-plus years ago, Tim Murphy won the naming rights by sending me a St. Raphael the Archangel statue that is perched on the table with the TV remote.

I love getting Murph’s messages and he is living proof that even atheists want to cover their bets with the man upstairs. 

I’ve sworn off the Super Bowl, so there will no bets to cover there. With all the police-bashing going on, why in the name of Vince Lombardi would a cretin like Snoop Dog, Eminem and other violence/drug glorifying acts headline the game’s halftime show?

I know who’s playing. I don’t care for the NFL and the league’s commissioner, Roger Goodell. By choosing the entertainment, has tainted the game for me. 

In fact, this is not strawberry jam time for a sports fan. 

The Winter Olympics in Beijing have turned into a shirt show of epic proportions. Hey! How did that “r” get into my shirt? Let’s rail on these Games that few are watching.

The mountain top snow is as fake as a stuffed grizzly. Patches of bare land makes the panorama as unappealing as a landscape of nuclear reactors. Is that what those concrete eyesores are?

Don’t expect an answer. The Chinese government is playing that information and other tidbits very close to the vest.

It seems like more skiers are tumbling down the mountain, looking for an edge on a sheet of ice. Maybe I should have called this event a sheet show.

The entire mood of these Games is one big downer, although watching curling is hilarious. I giggle as folks yell at one another while sweeping ice. It’s akin to me trying to clean the house. It’s not going to end well and the hilarity of a probable slip/fall/fracture combo is lost on me.

We ran our own family focus group last weekend, watching Disney’s “Miracle.”  Even though the movie recounts an event from 42 years ago, I never get tired of Kurt Russell's portrayal of coach Herb Brooks. How refreshing to step back and see enthusiasm and patriotism in a crowd.

Spectators are scarce at the Beijing Games. Being positive, I’ll wager there are no lines at the bathrooms or concession stands.

I spent my time on the mend wisely. I caught up on “Succession,” the HBO series about a miserable, spoiled, rich family that offers no endearing characters. 

However, I am deeply indebted to the Roy family patriarch, Brian Cox. He has provided me with a perfect response to any scammer who wants to sell me an extended warranty, a new roof, or tune-up my Medicare coverage.

Ask your friends and they can tell you the response. Or better yet, call me and offer me a sweet deal and I’ll give it to you for free.

So, no game this weekend. We’re celebrating oldest son Christopher’s 25th. I wish we’d have a real snowstorm so we could thumb our nose at this most disappointing spectacle while watching a good movie.

Better yet, I might just take in the nice weather and be thankful I’m here.

Mike Tasos’ column appears every other weekend. Let’s murder the golden goose and jeopardize the baseball season. I think Rob Manfred should be shot out of a cannon and land in Beijing. Mike is on Facebook and can be emailed at