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Hank Sullivan: Fasten your seatbelts, bumpy road ahead
Hank Sullivan
Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.

The Mueller Report is published. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is resigned. And as we sit watchfully, waiting for the next shoe to drop, today might be a good time to remind readers of a few appetizers I’ve served in the past, and then steer our sights forward to the main course ahead. 

You might recall last September, when the contents of the Mueller Report were in unqualified doubt, I told you even then that, “Trump holds all the cards.” In an article of that title, I wrote, “President Trump holds all the cards, friends. And he is playing them in a way that has every D.C. Democrat, and the cabal they represent, panicking.” 

Since I wrote that, those same parties have been panicking all the more. Major crimes against the American people have been committed. The actors who scream the loudest are the worst offenders: Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, an entire host of Democrat presidential hopefuls and Michael Avenatti, just for example. 

We knew in September that Rod Rosenstein had suggested to a group of now former Justice department officials that he “wear a wire” to record and entrap the president. I let you know at that time, however, that Trump would not fire Rosenstein. Trump would not fire Rosenstein because, as I wrote, “he doesn’t have to.” 

I wrote, “because Rosenstein appointed Special Counsel Mueller to investigate Trump collusion with Russia, unless Rosenstein remains to protect that appointment, a new “acting” Deputy AG could disband the probe.”

I wrote that because Rosenstein appointed Special Counsel Mueller to investigate Trump collusion with Russia, Trump would allow Rosenstein to remain, thus ensuring that Mueller’s job would complete under his watch, Rosenstein effectively landing the investigation plane. And although it appears Rosenstein committed sedition by his suggestion, I told you Trump would allow him to stay, knowing that in the end Trump would still hold the cards. And that is what happened. 

And because Trump holds the cards. He can play them however he decides. He can keep the D.C. Dems and the cabal they represent guessing. And each time they guess wrong, expecting Trump to make a play, they turn up more cards of their own. 

Last September the Democrats kept the Kavanaugh hoax going as long as they could, stalling out of fear and showing their true colors, expecting Trump would choose to show his cards in time to affect the midterm elections. But Trump is playing a long game. He’s got time. 

Instead, Trump used 2018 to force the resignation of assorted deep state Republicans, including Speaker Paul Ryan, allowing the Democrats to win the House. Trump gave the D.C. Democrats limited power for the American people and the world to see who they really are.

And as the Mueller investigation concluded, its findings signed off by Rosenstein, Trump emerged victorious again, the D.C. Democrats still clinging to the proven-false hoax that Trump is guilty of something, anything, they just can’t say what. Only guilty people act like that. And with each next implausible accusation by the D.C. Democrats, the president continues to build the case against them, allowing the truth to emerge in bite sized morsels the public can chew. The D.C. Democrats and anyone working with them will hang by their own words and actions, even Republicans. Can you say, “Mitt Romney?”

So now let’s look at Trump’s hand going forward.

Understand one thing, Trump is the president. He knows everything. He knows each of the cabal’s crimes and who perpetrated them. He told us he was “wiretapped.” He was, and no one would believe. He asks leading questions, creating public curiosity. He knows Mueller’s deep state conflicts, Rosenstein’s purposes. He’s letting us see his hand slowly. Last week Trump sent Joe Digenova to publicly disclose the FISA Court has already ruled that Obama’s FBI, i.e. Comey, McCabe, Stzok and others, committed crimes. Soon, according to Digenova, there will be big news about former FBI Chief James Comey. That was Trump playing cards. He is making the cabal squirm. And recently, Trump used a term I have used for a long time to describe the cabal at work. Trump confirmed the Obama FBI/DOJ attempted a “coup” against the constitutionally-elected Trump government, another card played. Now it’s out there.

In the coming weeks, we can expect the DOJ Inspector General Report by IG Horowitz, which will provide the results of an internal investigation of the coup attempt. That report will shock the world. To supplement Horowitz’ findings, Trump will finally declassify the full FISA memo, certifying names of those involved in the coup. Beyond that, we can expect the findings of Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber, assigned by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the Clinton Foundation and a possible pay-to-play operation Hillary Clinton orchestrated as Obama’s Secretary of State, more cards in Trump’s hand. 

Should we expect that falling breadcrumbs detailing the activities of those involved in the coup against Trump will lead to Barack Obama? You bet. And that would usher the question, why? Presidencies do not last forever. Why would it be so important to take out Trump before he would naturally leave anyway? Why not wait it out? And why did Barack Obama seal his records as the first action of his presidency? All questions have the same answer.

So stay tuned. Fasten your seat belts. The truth will be revealed. America will be restored, but it may be a bumpy road.

Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.