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Hank Sullivan: Trump is the peace president
Hank Sullivan
Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.

How many times have we heard it from the liberal left, and also the libertarian right, that Donald Trump means to get America into another major war? That just shows a lack of understanding. So let’s clear that up. 

Now granted, Trump is different. People do not know how to take him. But that is because politicians rarely tell the truth. The political class, generally, is not excited that the people might see and understand what is truly happening in this world. And they do not desire for people to know what they are doing against the people’s interests. Therefore, politicians talk in circles. They speak mantra rather than message. They hide their true purposes within lofty, circular rhetoric, which leaves listeners wondering what they just heard. It’s a talent.

But that’s not Trump, thankfully. Trump says what he means. And he says it in ways a common man can relate. After all, Trump is a common man, a builder among tradespersons. He speaks the language. He tells folks what he wants them to do. And since his final product must be square, plumb, and endure the test of time, 

Trump does not waste time with nuance. He does not leave the world contemplating messages open to interpretation. When Trump calls Hillary Clinton “crooked,” it is because she is and he desires the world to understand that. When he calls John Kerry, John Brennan and various Obama-era deep state justice department “traitors,” he simply speaks the truth so that no one should guess where he stands. 

And so, when shortly after Trump took office he pronounced Kim Jong Un, “Rocketman,” Trump placed the young North Korean dictator into a frame of reference foreign to any he had ever known. Trump let Kim know that, compared to the forces against him and conceivably at Trump’s disposal, forces of North Korea together a resembled gnat on Trump’s posterior. Kim had entered Trump boot camp. In boot camp, those assigned must be broken, like wild horses must be broken. They must be rendered to a state of lowest common denominator. When that is accomplished, they can be built back to a new image, one favorable to the boot camp instructor.  

By using his chosen descriptor “Rocketman,” and publicly applying it to Kim, Trump rendered the North Korean leader about as low on the world scale as he could go, and in front of his own people. But soon something amazing began. Trump offered to raise Kim back up, elevating him to the identical level as the leader of the free world. Trump offered a kind countenance, a smiling handshake, offered to extend pleasantries and even sit down at the table with Kim to know him and discuss differences. In so doing, Trump began to build the rogue dictator into a new image, that of a world leader. Now if you were Kim Jong Un, which image would you prefer “Rocketman” or “world states-man?” 

Trump uses his own variant of the golden rule. Trump treats enemies as they treat him, and exaggerates their attacks. Responding in kind diminishes his enemies, works on their psyches. But when they exhibit newfound favorable behavior, Trump does as well, treating them as he himself would be treated. 

Notice how Trump deals with President Xi of China. China uses tariffs against America, so Trump doubles Xi’s tariffs, breaking Xi to negotiate. Once that occurs, Trump publicly builds the Chinese dictator into an image Xi much prefers, elevating Xi to Trump’s level, publicly complimenting him, offering kindness and warm gestures. 

Trump is more than a master negotiator. He is a master diplomat. Trump is breaking the world, transforming it to a new image, that of nation states peacefully competing and enjoying the prosperity of a truly free and open world economy.  That is where Trump is leading, whether you have seen it prior to now or not.

And so, to all the nay-sayers out there who have believed President Trump means war, recent events should convince any honest appraiser that Trump actually means to finally deliver peace around the planet. But one cannot deliver peace by simply halting opposition and leaving the arena.  Peace means establishing relationships, friendships and trust. If Trump meant war, North Korea would have been a prime location for it. But he means peace, always has.  And those around the world with whom America has maintained odds are beginning to see it. 

Trump meant peace in Syria. Now we have it. Judge the results, not the rhetoric. Rhetoric is simply a device. Trump means peace in Iran.  He is pushing the levers at his disposal to obtain it. Trump means peace in Afghanistan. Talks are in advanced stages. 

But complicating matters is that around the world covert rogue intelligence agencies are hard at work sabotaging peace efforts. Iran is infested with them just like North Korea and Syria were. Once those operators are removed, peace can result. 

Why did Obama release hundreds of billions of dollars, including 1.7 billion in cash on cargo planes to Iran? Why did John Kerry go to Iran to urge the Iranian government to hold tight to the so-called, “Iran Nuclear Deal?” They are the carnival barkers and enablers for the covert operators working in concert against true peace and prosperity for all the world’s nations. 

They chose their sides many years ago. Then came Trump. They had not counted on that.

So just relax, Trump means peace. All will yet be well.

Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.