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Letter: Let parents handle diversity, let schools teach academics

Greatly disappointed in Forsyth County Schools for playing the “political correctness card” and the “minority prejudice card” instead of concentrating on what kids today need most, a good academic education. I have no data but feel strongly that about 75% of the high school graduates today actually have less education than folks had by the 10th grade that went to high school in the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s. It is pretty apparent when graduates today cannot make change working at McDonald's, find Germany or Iran on a map, or have any idea what caused World War II, and why we entered it in 1941. 

Teaching academics and skills are needed more and more — with more math, civics, science, geography, state — U.S. — and world history, basic computer skills, and encouragement to take a foreign language, especially Spanish or German. If you want electives, offer “pubic speaking” to improve their communication skills and talk in front of groups on numerous subjects. This prepares them for the future.

Forsyth County has one of the finest school systems in the state, but don’t go backward with non-essential stuff like diversity, pushed by a very small minority. You let the existing school system go backward, more and more folks will pull their kids out to private school, home school, and encourage more and more charter schools — taking funds from the public schools. 

Frank Frederick

Gainesville, Forsyth County