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Football: Denmark flashes skill at spring intrasquad game

By Derrick Richemond

Denmark started its spring scrimmage Friday with a 7-on-7 in the middle of the field. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the field, the offense and defensive lineman battled on 1-on-1 drills.

“We got four starting O-line men out for the spring, so we tried to control as much as we can," Denmark coach Mike Palmieri said. "We kind of just want to stimulate practice a little bit to get our twos and threes tackling to the ground. Ones and twos don’t really have to be tackled. We don’t want to risk any injuries going into the summer."

Jacob Nelson settled into a rhythm after a few early incompletions, including a pass that was broken up when Che Ojarikre stuck out his arm to deflect the ball and bring up fourth down.

Nelson's first completion went to Kohl Yearwood, which went for a first down and promoted the Blue team to insert a whole new group of linebackers.

After Aidan Brozena caught a swing route for a short gain, Yearwood came back again and beat his defender off the ball to catch the ball for a gain of 25 yards.

On the second series of the team scrimmage, Palmieri picked a trick play from his playbook.

Nelson took the snap, pitched the ball to Amon Williams, who faked a run before lobbing the ball to Nelson. A defender was in a position to make a play, but it bounced off his hand and landed in Nelson’s instead as he fell inches away from the end zone.

The next following play, Brozena ran a slant route and Nelson lasered the ball to him in a tight window for the score.

After a few big passing plays, a run by Eli McCord flashed his quickness to get by defenders, and he walked into the end zone.

As the White team was knocking on the door, Nelson tried to throw a jump ball, but Ian Kruchten swatted the ball down. On the next play, Nelson looked that way again, but this time Ty Woodruff was able to reel in the catch for the score.

Meanwhile, as the teams were resting for their next series, Hamilton Diboyan stepped onto the field and nailed a 52-yard field goal.

Then, on a fourth-and-19 situation, Zion Blackman sped past his defender and caught the ball in stride and raced 81 yards for a touchdown.

The flashiest play of the scrimmage is when Omar Hart mosses his defender for the touchdown that had a sideline amazed.

“We got to work on everything,” Palmieri said while laughing. “We play a lot of great teams. We just got to them strong and in shape in the summertime. We need to coach really well and play really well this season.”

Denmark will open the season at Sequoyah on Aug. 5.