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makenna segal player of the year

Makenna Segal’s greatest strength was once her greatest weakness.

When she was younger, Segal was a jack of all trades, playing at catcher, third base, first base, shortstop, and in the outfield. While she had the ability to play anywhere, she felt like her performance at the plate was lacking.

“When I was younger, I was not the greatest ballplayer,” Segal said. “I just didn't have the power that I do now, and that really motivated me to just work harder. I had some people say I wouldn't make it in college softball. I wouldn't make it in high school. That really just pushed me, and I wanted to prove them wrong.”

And Segal has, becoming one of the most feared hitters in Forsyth County and one of the better hitting third basemen in the state during her sophomore season at South Forsyth. She hit .476 with 12 home runs and 31 RBIs this year.

Her ability to wait for the right pitches paid dividends, to the point where teams would sometimes flat-out refuse to pitch to her. She even impressed herself with what she could do, but still had to overcome the emotional side of things.

“I feel like I really had a challenge to stay within myself and not get too anxious and get myself out instead of waiting for my pitch,” Segal said.

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Makenna Segal

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The Office

makenna segal south softball 092018
South Forsyth's Makenna Segal has been one of the region's most fearsome hitters this year, and her production could be key to a War Eagles playoff run. - photo by Ian Frazer

Towards the end of the regular season, Segal hadn’t hit a home run in a while, but her power bat returned just in time for the playoffs, with two home runs against Newton in the War Eagles’ first round doubleheader. While those bombs were certainly memorable, only one stands out as her absolute favorite for the entire season.

“Definitely the all-time favorite probably has to be the one against Bailey (McCachren),” Segal said. “We’ve known each other since we were so little and she's a phenomenal player. I'm so proud of everything she's done.”

Segal had played with seniors Lauren Baccari, Kylie League and Kayla Mayoros since sixth grade, and with 2018 being their last year together, Segal wanted to make their senior year worth it. With the War Eagles pushing Mill Creek to three games in the second round and finishing as the last Forsyth team standing in the playoffs, she feels that they did that.

“I'm really proud of the way that we fought throughout region,” Segal said. “We fought with North in the championship, and I'm especially proud of the way we fought against Mill Creek.”

With the kind of year she had, Segal has already taken up some leadership for the War Eagles. As an upperclassman next year, he role will figure to grow even more, especially with new, younger faces joining the ranks.

“We’re getting a lot of kids next year, so I really think it will be a challenge to get all of them adjusted to the way we do things at South,” Segal said. “But I think overall, we'll get it done. I think it'll be a good season.”