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Lacrosse: South Forsyth hires a new Director of boys Lacrosse, Matthew Vollrath
South Forsyth's Director of Lacrosse Matthew Vollrath
South Forsyth's Director of Lacrosse Matthew Vollrath

For Matthew Vollrath, it's a homecoming. From being on South Forsyth High School’s boys' lacrosse team to being promoted to director of boy’s lacrosse replacing Adrian Antonini. 

“It’s different, to be the guy everyone comes to but it’s something that fits me well I would say,” Vollrath said. “I’ve always been teaching, training, and tutoring people and I know I can do that as a regular coach. As the director of boys lacrosse [team], who has more responsibilities for everyone, I feel like that’s where I shine. It fits well with me.” 

Vollrath's experience as a South alum, desire to grow the program, and ability to relate and interact with players made him the right man for the job.  

“I know it was 10 years ago, but I was at South, I was going through what they’re doing. I just graduated college and was playing lacrosse in 2018 so it hasn't been that long out of the game,” he said. “It’s a lot easier for me to react to different trends of coaching and the sport.”

Having served as a defensive coach this past season, Vollrath has had a close relationship with the War Eagles, who finished 14-6 and 6-1 in Region 6A-7A.

Vollrath went to Emmanuel College for two years and transferred to Keiser University for his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. During his time at Keiser, he was a defensive coordinator for Cardinal Newman [Fla]. During the 2019-21 season, he served as defensive coordinator for the Pinecrest Academy Paladins. 

“I would tweak [some things] like the mentality and do some community service stuff. I really like giving back to the community. [I would also] do some more team bonding [exercises]. When I was at South, we were close – we were a family, freshman, JV or varsity. I would like to input more of that [in the current South] program,” Vollrath said 

For the upcoming season, Vollrath plans to remain with the same assistant coaching staff.

“I would like to keep the core group we had last year. I like the core group we have: they’re committed, dedicated, they know lacrosse, [and] the kids like them,” Vollrath said.