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Track and field: West sweeps Forsyth County Championships
West Forsyth swept the Forsyth County Championships on Wednesday, winning both boys and girls competitions. - photo by David Roberts

The color of Isaac Osifo's headband is not coincidental. It's premeditated. 

Starring in track events and field events for West Forsyth, Osifo changes headbands based on the event.

So, when he set the school record Wednesday in the 4x100 relay, Osifo did so with a black headband wrapped around his temple. And when he broke another school record in the high jump with a 6-11, he did it sporting a white headband.

Osifo's mark in the high jump isn't just the best in school history, it's also the top mark in the state of Georgia and third among high schoolers nationally.

"I felt great coming into today," Osifo said. "The night before, I was praying to myself to get at least a 6-10 or more before I graduated. I got it today, so I'm extremely happy."

West Forsyth swept the Forsyth County Championships on Wednesday, winning both boys and girls competitions. Lambert placed second in each competition, while South and Forsyth Central finished third and fourth, respectively, in each competition. 

West's 4x100 relay team of Osifo, Bryce Allen, TJ Jennings and Brandon Nyandoro rewrote the school record for the second time this season, finishing with a 42.11, nearly three tenths of a second faster than their previous time. Four of the 10 fastest 4x100 relay times in West's history now belong to Osifo, Allen, Jennings and Nyandoro.

Allen placed second and Jennings finished third in the 100m dash, though neither came close to South Forsyth sophomore Chris Nelson, who torched the field with a 10.62.

Nelson's time is a school record for South and just three hundredths of a second off the state's fastest 100m time this season.

"I have never seen a kid in our county run that fast," West track and field coach Clayton Tillery said. "I've got to tell you, that was legit. There was no wind, FAT timing [Fully Automatic Timing] — that's probably the fastest kid I've ever seen in Forsyth County, easily."

Nelson also collected wins in the long jump [20-09.25] and 200m dash [21.94]. 

Josh Nelson won in the triple jump [42-09.00] and finished second in the 200m [22.05], right behind his brother. His 50.18 set a new school record for South. 

The girls 1600m run also featured a sibling duo, as South sophomore Carmel Yonas finished first with a 5:22.66, just ahead of her sister, Isabel Yonas [5:24.05].

Chris Nelson, Josh Nelson, Nathan Heo, and Tre Green finished second behind West in the 4x100 relay, setting another school record for South with a 42.55.

South junior Riley Jones impressed in the pole vault, rewriting a 14-year-old county record with mark of 11 feet, 9 inches.

Lambert senior Cooper Bocko, who recently committed to the University of Georgia, captured the boys 1600m with a 4:20.74, while teammate Colin Chapman edged Denmark sophomore Hayden Hare in the 800m with a 1:58.84.

"I've been in this county 18 years and I guarantee you we've had no better 800 and 1600 guys fields than what we had tonight," Tillery said. "It was great to see the young kids doing well."

Forsyth Central freshman Kieryn Jeter broke a school record in the 400m with a 58.63, and Patrick Haertel's 23.24 in the 200m also set a school record for the Bulldogs.

West set a couple of freshman records, with Cole Schmoyer finishing ninth in the 1600m [4:38.41] and Parker Chase finishing eighth in the 3200m [10:07.79].

"I talked to a couple of the coaches earlier and the thing that still stings a bit to me is the seniors not getting this moment last year," Tillery said. "There were some really good kids in our county that were going to have an opportunity, and they didn't get it and they've moved onto college and they're doing really great things and I'm really excited for them, but I'm thinking a little bit about them tonight. All the teams in the county, I'm thinking a little bit about them."

While he didn't get to finish his junior season, Osifo is picking up right where he left off last season, when his 6-8 in the high jump broke a 10-year-old school record.

Osifo said he's worked on building up more speed toward the end of his runs so he can really take off.

"He works hard, he listens, he's coachable and he's got talent coming out of his ears," said West assistant coach Robert Jenkins, who coaches sprints and jumps. "He's kind of the perfect combination of what a coach looks for in an athlete."

The six Forsyth County teams, along with Gainesville, will meet again April 26 to determine the Region 6-7A championship. 

For Osifo, it's another opportunity to make up for lost time.

"It's so exciting to have this happen," Osifo said. "Last year it was like, 'This could have happened, but we never really got the opportunity to.' Now it's all happening, and especially with my last year of high school, it feels like fireworks in my head every time something happens."


1) West Forsyth 157.50

2) Lambert 146

3) South Forsyth 123

4) Forsyth Central 89.50

5) North Forsyth 79.50

6) Denmark 49.50


1) West Forsyth 175.50

2) Lambert 147.50

3) South Forsyth 126.50

4) Forsyth Central 76

5) Denmark 66.50

6) North Forsyth 54

Girls High Jump

1 Kapadia, Ayesha Lambert 5-02.00

 2 Cummo, Michelle West Forsyth 4-10.00

 3 Lockwood, Meleah Lambert 4-08.00

Boys High Jump

1 Osifo, Isaac West Forsyth 6-11.00

2 Gordon, Tre'von North Forsyt 6-00.00

3 Baumbick, Sam Lambert 5-10.00

Girls Long Jump

1 Pipping, Sarah Forsyth Cent 17-04.00

2 Shumbres, Olivia Lambert 17-00.00

3 Fofana, Makaya West Forsyth 16-09.75

Boys Long Jump

1 Nelson, Chris South Forsyth 20-09.25

2 Riddle, Robert Lambert 19-10.25

3 Keenan, Patrick Lambert 19-08.75

Girls Triple Jump

1 Fofana, Makaya West Forsyth 33-11.00

2 Crossman, Josie South Forsyth 33-06.75

3 Conway, Zanai North Forsyth 33-04.50

Boys Triple Jump

1 Nelson, Josh South Forsyth 42-09.00

2 Sankar, Nishad West Forsyth 41-08.00

3 Reddy, Neel Lambert 40-09.50

Girls Discus Throw

Gore, Morgan Lambert 103-01

Durban, Lexie North Forsyth 96-11

Stewart, Kenzie South Forsyth 91-00

Boys Discus Throw

1 Lively, Grant North Forsyth 145-05

2 Bell, Turner West Forsyth 139-04  

3 Vernon, Andrew Lambert 136-08

Girls Shot Put

1 Durban, Lexie North Forsyth 38-02.00

2 Gore, Morgan Lambert 32-00.00

3 Wheeler, Caroline South Forsyth 31-07.00

Boys Shot Put

1 Bell, Turner West Forsyth 46-04.00

2 Mains, Grayson Lambert 43-04.00

3 Bolanos, Julian South Forsyth 42-05.50

Girls Pole Vault

1 Jones, Riley South Forsyth 11-09.00

2 Lopez-Ramirez, Silvana West Forsyth 11-00.00

3 Hutson, Kyleigh Lambert 8-00.00

Boys Pole Vault

1 Norr, Tyler West Forsyth 13-06.00

2 Hunter, Tate West Forsyth 13-00.00

3 Vegesna, Teja Lambert 12-00.00

Girls 4x800 Yard Relay

1 South Forsyth High School 'A' 10:10.77

2 West Forsyth High School 'A' 10:30.19

3 North Forsyth 'A' 10:52.37

Boys 4x800 Yard Relay

1 Denmark High School 'A' 8:19.82

2 South Forsyth High School 'A' 8:34.45

3 Lambert HS 'A' 8:44.46

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay

1 Lambert HS 'A' 49.34 2

2 Forsyth Central 'A' 50.78

3 North Forsyth 'A' 50.81

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay

1 West Forsyth High School 'A' 42.11

2 South Forsyth High School 'A' 42.55

3 Lambert HS 'A' 43.64

Girls 1600 Meter Run

1 Yonas, Carmel South Forsyth 5:22.66

2 Yonas, Isabel South Forsyth 5:24.05

3 Courtney, Bella North Forsyth 5:24.89

Boys 1600 Meter Run

1 Bocko, Cooper Lambert 4:20.74

2 Chapman, Colin Lambert 4:21.15

3 Arrambide, Alex North Forsyth 4:26.72 4:22.48

Girls 400 Meter Dash

1 Jeter, Kieryn Forsyth Cent 58.63

2 LaHood, Sophie Lambert HS 59.97

3 Brown, Jasmine West Forsyth 1:00.63

Boys 400 Meter Dash

1 Nyandoro, Brandon West Forsyth 49.69

2 Caballero, Carlos Lambert 50.08

3 Nelson, Josh South Forsyth 50.18

Girls 100 Meter Dash

1 Mangan, Grace West Forsyth 12.59

2 Robinson, Lydia North Forsyth 12.75

3 Shumbres, Olivia Lambert 12.88

Boys 100 Meter Dash

1 Nelson, Chris South Forsyt 10.62

2 Allen, Bryce West Forsyth 11.09

3 Jennings, TJ West Forsyth 11.22

Girls 100 Meter Hurdles

1 Fofana, Makaya West Forsyth 16.42

2 Jones, Riley South Forsyth 17.55

3 Gray, Willow West Forsyth 17.71

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles

1 Neubert, Brendan South Forsyth 15.66

2 Fields, Trent Forsyth Cent 16.04

3 Reidy, Connor West Forsyth 16.05

Girls 800 Meter Run

1 Perriello, Jessica Denmark High 2:25.62

2 O'Connor, Emma South Forsyth 2:27.00

3 Yonas, Carmel South Forsyth 2:27.32

Boys 800 Meter Run

1 Chapman, Colin Lambert 1:58.84

2 Hare, Hayden Denmark High 1:59.21

3 Ashley, Ethan Denmark High 1:59.81

Girls 200 Meter Dash

1 Mangan, Grace West Forsyth 25.94

2 Robinson, Lydia North Forsyth 26.16

3 LaHood, Sophie Lambert 26.18

Boys 200 Meter Dash

1 Nelson, Chris South Forsyth 21.94

2 Nelson, Josh South Forsyth 22.05

3 Nyandoro, Brandon West Forsyth 22.39

Girls 300 Meter Hurdles

1 Gray, Willow West Forsyth 48.96

2 Kelly, Clarissa Denmark High 49.71

3 Jabbie, Salima Lambert 50.27

Boys 300 Meter Hurdles

1 Fields, Trent Forsyth Cent 41.18  

2 Reidy, Connor West Forsyth 42.55

3 Andrews, Will Forsyth Cent 43.15

Girls 3200 Meter Run

1 Yonas, Carmel South Forsyth 11:29.29

2 Yonas, Isabel South Forsyth 11:51.35

3 Courtney, Bella North Forsyth 11:54.68

Boys 3200 Meter Run

1 Bocko, Cooper Lambert 9:32.66

2 Arrambide, Alex North Forsyth 9:35.76

3 Bergey, Ben South Forsyth 9:40.68

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay

1 West Forsyth High School 'A' 4:11.78

2 North Forsyth 'A' 4:17.02

3 Lambert HS 'A' 4:17.78

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

1 West Forsyth High School 'A' 3:27.55

2 Lambert HS 'A' 3:36.21

3 South Forsyth High School 'A' 3:41.65

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