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Fountain's Food Adventures discovers healthy, tasty fare
Never enough Thyme
Never Enough Thyme – NET, Simply healthy and delicious

This article appears in the March issue of  400 Life Magazine

Well, we have good news if you are looking for some excellent healthy restaurants choices and eating healthier in 2021. David Fountain, a local foodie and our communities Best of Forsyth financial

Fountain's Food Adventure
planner and investment advisor continues his monthly mission to uncover FoCo’s culinary favorites. 

“Wow, I’ve got to say that this eating healthier has been surprisingly much more fun and tastier than I was expecting,” David told Stephanie Patterson, a vegetarian, passionate foodie and leader of the Cole Team real estate. 

The New Year is well on its way, already a month and half has flown by.  While there are many of us who may have already completely forgotten about some of our New Year’s Resolutions, well this article might just help restore those healthy eating intentions. 

First off, the foods we all choose to eat has a huge impact on how we feel today, tomorrow, and what the future holds in maintaining good health. 

We are not qualified to get scientific here, but simply put, having a proper balance and improving your eating habits can be life enhancing. 

“For me, eating should be appetizing and gratifying,” David said when he started this month’s healthy venture.  We wanted to find restaurants and dishes that made eating healthier, easier, and yes, enjoyable too!!

Never Enough Thyme
Never Enough Thyme – NET, Simply healthy delicious

Never Enough Thyme – NET

 Well, NET should sound quite familiar as they were our Best Overall choice for Brunch in last month’s article. It is also a regular stop for Gem Munro. She loves the Veggie Bowl, a delicious blend of roasted new potatoes topped with sauteed zucchini, squash, broccoli, sweet potato, red pepper, heirloom carrots, arugula, green onion and topped with a Beyond burger for plumpness and extra protein.

Jennifer found her happy place with the Bleu Cheese salad. Grilled shrimp, crumbled bleu cheese, dried cranberries, walnuts on a bed of fresh baby spinach. While the ohh so tasty Grilled Portobello Mushroom salad was David’s favorite, with the roasted sweet red peppers, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, shredded carrots, basil, and fresh mozzarella overmixed greens. 

“The flavor of the mushroom and the roasted peppers is simply amazing,”David told Rene Franke, one of the managers there. Rene is another reason the restaurants continued success; their team cares about the guests and will make you feel at home and will customize the entrée to meet your needs. 

NET has also been inspired by co-owner Michelle Doyle’s 92-year-old mother, Marie, whose beautiful picture is proudly placed on the wall, of her enjoying what looks to be their French Onion burger with caramelized onions, and brie. Sometimes you just have to enjoy the good things in life! So, once again we invite you to meet us at the NET, for lunch, dinner and brunch on the weekend – you’ll be glad you did.

Rendezvous Café
Rendezvous Café - Healthy Hangout

Rendezvous Café  

“Who knew that right down the road from the office was an adorable eatery called Rendezvous Café,” said Jennifer Asher client relationship manager for Financial Consultants Group. Listed on the menu are so many,  not only yummy options, but healthy ones too. What stood out the most was that they serve not just one type of Avocado toast (a favorite for Jennifer), but four.  The Micro greens and Nuts Avocado toast were perfectly prepared and when paired alongside their Cafe Au Lait with Oat Milk that will stick with you for hours. 

  For lunch, office manager Sandee Fricks, enjoyed the Veggie Gyro Wrap with some of her favorite ingredients, the Café’s homemade hummus and homemade Tzatziki Sauce. Jennifer raved about the Chicken Pesto Panini. She felt the Basil pesto and pressed French Roll were what put it over the top. As for David, he enjoyed the Strawberry Pecan salad and for dessert, delighted in the Dark Chocolate Banana Yogurt Bowl made with Vanilla Greek Yogurt and topped with Granola and Dark Chocolate chips. It was the perfect ending to a wonderfully healthful lunch, fueling us for the second half of our workday.  

Nido Café - Healthy Santuary


Nido Café

This hidden Spanish inspired eatery serving breakfast, tapas, brunch, and lunch daily in Forsyth’s western Vickery Village was an easy yes for our first healthy favorite. The smoked salmon on a bed of arugula mix with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and their house-made citrus dill dressing made for the perfect afternoon lunch. The lobster stuffed mushroom caps, daily made hummus with warm pita points, carrots, and celery, or their Brussels sprouts tossed in a sesame honey glaze are a few of their nicely done tapas. 

The “nest” (Nido means nest in Spanish) is a great spot to slow down and relish the friendliness and atmosphere – especially when the weather is right, their outdoor perch overlooking the Vickery Village makes for a lovely experience. For the early risers, their barista can get your day started with an incredible premium coffee, espresso, latte, or cappuccino, as you wait for a fresh croissant layered with strawberry, basil, warm brie, fried egg, topped off with local honey, or the picture perfect toasted multigrain bread with sliced avocado, topped with pico de gallo and finished off with a fried egg or smoked salmon. 

The Cole Team’s Stephanie Patterson has found Nido Café to deliver healthy authentic dishes, charming setting since 2016 – and Fountain’s Food Adventures found this spot to please our palette with healthy options!

Tam’s Backstage
Tam’s Backstage - Healthy Encore

Tam’s Backstage

A longtime favorite of ours, Tam’s Backstage, has a warm and unique atmosphere that pairs perfect with their appetizing menu.  A wide variety of healthy options, and gluten free entrees are throughout the menu, and a kitchen ready to accommodate your special needs as well.  Personal accommodation goes a long way, especially for those guests that attention to detail makes a difference.

Backstage’s owner Brian, is always glad to help choose, or even alter a dish for a satisfying and healthier entrée.  David took Brian’s recommendation and ordered the Baked Salmon filet which is seasoned to perfection and topped with fresh basil, sun-dried tomatoes, and lemon butter- which was served on the side.  One of Sandee’s go to meals on their menu is the Tuscany Chicken sandwich.  Tam’s has always been very accommodating to the changes Sandee makes to her sandwich.  She prefers a little healthier form of the sandwich without provolone cheese or bacon. She also enjoys the steamed vegetables with no butter added.  Jennifer found her favorite to be one of their Award Winners, the Grilled Shrimp and Scallop Salad. The tender shrimp and scallops sit deliciously on top of a spring mix with carrots, red onion, tomato, marinated asparagus, toasted almonds and drizzled with Italian feta dressing. 

Encore!!  Tam’s Backstage has been a community pleaser and treat for theater-goers since 2005, bringing bold flavors of the Mediterranean and classic American grilling to their lunch and dinner menus.

Lake Burrito
Lake Burrito - Healthy good vibes y'all

Lake Burrito  

Creating one of their Bowls with mushrooms, pescado or pollo, mixed greens, black beans, rice, and avocado is a popular favorite.  While their fish tacos are lite and tasty.



 “Where Life Happens Naturally” is one of the tag lines for Halcyon, a mixed-use development that opened in 2019.  In little over a year, the growth and popularity for this concept has really caught on. Now with a dozen or more restaurants, David and his foodie followers got some help from Gem Munro, an entrepreneur, and the CEO of Gem Body Mind Co. She is a health and wellness coach, with a background in personal training, yoga and meditation. So, finding healthy options comes easier for Gem than most of us.


The Mother Nature Bowl is a fantastic vegetarian option with grilled broccolini, roasted butternut squash, pickled red onions, marinated grape tomatoes and fresh avocado resting on a bed of red and white plant-based quinoa – it is finished with a house made peri-peri sauce, to grab you with a burst of flavor. Protein choices of shrimp, salmon or grilled chicken. The presentation is a literal rainbow of nutrition.


Build a super salad with spinach and kale as the best options to start. Load up on vegetables, add some nuts and seeds for healthy fats and quinoa for a plant-based protein.

Butcher and Brew

Paleo Bowl, sweet potato, spinach, caramelized onion, red bell pepper, avocado, hard-broiled egg, mushrooms, broccolini, and shrimp or grilled chicken – hold the bacon and no or lite with the spicy honey mustard.

Cherry street

Cherry Street Brewpub   

The Ahi Tuna Sashimi is an excellent small meal.  The tuna is served rare, encrusted, garnished with ginger, with arugula salad, edamame, and sesame soy ponzu for dipping. Under The Mains section of the menu, you will find a favorite of Gem and David, the 60° South Salmon. The stone ground mustard glazed salmon melts in your mouth, along with wild rice pilaf and grilled asparagus.

CMX Cinebistro

Tuna Poke Bowl is a lean protein option, and avocado with healthy fats.

Ocean & Acre

Roasted beets, grilled red fish with squash risotto or grilled broccolini.

 CT Cantina and Taqueria

Cauliflower Bowl filled with vegetables and choice of grilled shrimp for additional protein.

Sweet Tuna

Build a healthy bowl with fresh tofu, salmon, shrimp, or chicken, add veggies, avocado, chia seeds – with vinaigrette or carrot ginger sauce on the side.

Pita Mediterranean Street Food

Grilled chicken platter with a wheat pita, grilled vegetables, and quinoa as sides.

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