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Forsyth County firefighters come to stray kitten’s rescue on Christmas day
Forsyth County firefighters came out to Rita and Denny Moore's home on Christmas morning to rescue a small, grey kitten, who the couple later named Christmas. — Photo courtesy of Rita Moore

Forsyth County’s firefighters ‘saved the day’ on Christmas morning for a local couple who called them when they found a kitten stuck in a tree in their backyard.

Denny and Rita Moore first found the stray grey kitten earlier this year along with another black and white kitten and a grown cat. They thought about taking the cats in, but with cats of their own, they worried they just couldn’t take care of them.

As it started to get colder outside, the couple decided to set up a home for the kittens in the garage, giving them a warm, cozy place to sleep. Denny started to leave food for the feline family every morning.

They ended up naming the cat Mamma Kitty and the black and white kitten Ebony, but they hadn’t yet decided on a name for the little, all-grey kitten.

As the kittens have gotten a little older, Rita and Denny started to notice them venturing out of their little spot in the garage more and more, and then on Christmas Eve, Rita said she saw one of the kittens playing in the driveway.

“It looked kind of odd because we’ve never seen them outside at night,” Denny said. “The next morning, I went out to feed them, and I didn’t see the grey one.”

Usually, the grey kitten greets Denny at the door of the garage, waiting for their morning food and affection. Then he heard a kitten crying.

It sounded like it could have been coming from a utility trailer he had parked out in the backyard, so he started to dig through a pile of wood stacked on top of the trailer, looking for the kitten.

“I was frantically trying to find it because you could tell it was in distress,” Denny said. “After crawling around on the ground and trying to see under it, I came in and told my wife what was going on. She came out and both of us spent about an hour [looking].”

They unloaded the entire trailer, moved it to the driveway so they could see better underneath it and continued looking. After a long while of searching, Denny looked up into a tree in the backyard and saw something moving.

“What I thought had been a bundle of pine cones at the top of a tree changed, and I could see the white socks of the kitten’s paw,” Denny said. “It was pretty high up. We piled up leaves at the base of the tree because we didn’t know, at that point, what to do.”

Denny said he used to work at the Forsyth County Fire Department when he was younger and knew they used to help rescue kittens from trees, so he ran inside and gave them a call.

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A few firefighters showed up, got out the ladder and in just a few minutes, helped the kitten down safely.

“They saved the day,” Denny said.

Now that all of the cats are on the ground and safe, Denny and Rita are both working to try to get the cats adopted by a loving family, hopefully through the Feral Cat Program of Georgia.

Denny and Rita spent the rest of Christmas morning snuggled up by the fire with a cup of coffee. After a couple of hours warming up, they finally came up with a name for the little grey cat — Christmas.