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Local auto shop gives away car for family in need, highlights giving spirit of Forsyth
christian brothers
Owner of Christian Brothers Automotive Tom Burgess stands with Executive Director of Family Haven Amy Barfield in front of the donated vehicle.

About every six months, Christian Brothers Automotive in Cumming tries to donate a car to a person or a family in need. This year, Christian Brothers Automotive partnered with Family Haven to supply a car to a woman in need who had been walking to work.  

Tom Burgess, owner of Christian Brothers Automotive, said the community banded together to donate time and money to the project, highlighting the giving spirit of Forsyth County.  

When Christian Brothers Automotive decided to give away a car, Burgess reached out to different charity organizations in Forsyth. When he heard one woman’s story from Family Haven, he knew she was who he wanted to help. 

The woman had escaped an abusive relationship and was working with Family Haven to find work and provide for her family. The only drawback was that she had to walk to work because she had no means of reliable transportation. 

“When we got her story, I said this is who we need to give this car to. She’s so amazing,” Burgess said. 

Everything started when Beth Smith donated her Volvo. Burgess said that most of the cars they donate come from local residents, but Smith’s Volvo was too expensive to repair. So instead, she allowed Christian Brothers Automotive to sell her car for a lower price so they could donate a Honda to Family Haven. 

“[Beth] really kind of started this whole thing,” Burgess said. “She was so awesome.” 

Burgess’s crew also donated their time to work on the car, along with Main Source Collision, a family-owned business that also works with charities in the area. 

Burgess said that Jeff Kiser, owner of Main Source Collision, “didn’t even bat an eye” when he asked if they could fix some scratches and a dent on the car.  

“The crazy thing is, [Jeff] got it all done in one day,” Burgess said. “And then we were able to turn right around and donate the car.” 

Burgess said he posted about the donation on a local community Facebook page, and the response from was overwhelming.  

“[The response] was just immediate. As soon as I put the story out there, people were like, ‘how do we venmo?’ It was just amazing … I love this county,” he said. “We just have such generous people here. Even in this year with the current situation, they still want to give.” 

While Christian Brothers Automotive donated the car, it was the community who worked together to donate money, raising enough funds to pay for the first year of insurance on the vehicle.