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This company is bringing 'award-winning' vodka and bourbon to Forsyth County

A distillery in Cumming is hoping local consumers will give their award-winning vodka and bourbon a shot. 

Spirits USA, located at 210 Industrial Park Drive, just off Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Cumming, is currently producing, bottling and preparing to sell their Legends Bourbon and Vodka, which will be sold from the business starting on April 2 and at package stores soon after. 

"We opened last year, at the end of last year and started producing award-winning vodka and bourbon here,” said Chris Green, chief marketing officer for Spirits USA. “We are focusing mostly in Forsyth County, so we're trying to take care of our locals here in Cumming, especially. We are about to start selling direct to customers starting April 2, and we're going to be donating $2 off every bottle sold here at the facility back to the Humane Society of Forsyth County.”

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By: Jon Benson III

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The new spirits will be the first of the Legends brand, but the company has been distilling for over a decade, previously producing rum, gin, vodka and tequila.

“Rather than go back to what we used to sell, we wanted to come up with a whole new brand,” Green said. “Then when we got the Quantum Aging patented and it was ours and we could use it, then we started messing around with the vodka and the bourbon, and it's just the most beautifully smooth product you’ll ever have.”

What separates Legends from other liquors is the products are made using a patented process called Quantum Aging 8.0, which Green called “top secret,” with the company goes as far as labeling machinery switches with names like “turbo booster,” “flux capacitor” and “lightsaber.”

“We're taking our bourbon and our vodka when it's proofed down to the correct proof – our vodka is 80 proof and our bourbon is 87 proof – and then we run it through our Quantum Aging machine, which is very top secret, we can't give away what it is, but it basically reduces the toxins in alcohol by about 50%,” he said.

Green said the process meant customers would still get the full flavor of the drinks “but not wake up with that nauseous feeling or that headache because we're reducing the toxins in it.”

For now, the products are being bottled by hand – involving filling the bottles, capping and labeling them and loading them into boxes – but are planning to move to an automated system in the future.

“Right now, to save on that we've got more than enough employees to handle what we're doing, and it's a little bit of fun,” Green said. “On the bottling line, we crank out the music, we have a laugh doing it, then we store all of our product when it's finished. It's palleted up, packaged up, then the distributor picks it up.”

While Green noted the company hasn't “even sold a bottle yet,” but both the vodka and bourbon have already racked up awards.

Legends Vodka was winner of the Gold Award in the 2019 John Barleycorn Spirits Competition, No. 1 Double Gold in the 2019 San Diego Spirits Competition, Silver Award in 2019 the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition and Bronze Award in the 2020 San Francisco World Wine & Spirits Competition

Their bourbon has also won the Gold Award in 2019 John Barleycorn Spirits Competition, Silver Award in the 2019 San Diego Spirits Competition, Silver Award in the 2019 New York World Wine & Spirits Competition and Bronze Award in the 2020 San Francisco World Wine & Spirits Competition.

While the current products are earning praise, the company is looking to soon branch out to other spirits. 

“We're working on whiskey, which is aging right now, then we also have a gin that we're going to be producing,” Green said. “Then shortly, we're going to have a 100-proof bourbon. It's going to be a single-barrel select, it's going to have a much bolder taste. It's only going to be a short run, so there's going to be a short supply... a few months later, we'll re-release it, but we don't want it to be on the shelves the way our bourbon is because we want to have something special behind it.”